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Self Arrest Program

Orient Road Jail Hillsborough Counties Self Arrest Program

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This program is designed to reduce common booking time from hours to mere minutes.

” You can be released nearly immediately,” These days the Central Booking Department on Orient Road in Tampa is much busier, hence takes longer. The Program has been around because 2005. Those utilizing the self-arrest program has to be fingerprinted, photographed, have their identity verified and be designated a computer-generated booking number Deputies likewise confirm any exceptional warrants and bail amounts. Bail Bonds Tampa Florida can help you assist in the process, to get you in out, back to your family task and life.

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Tampa, FL 33605


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24 Hour Consultation

Our bail bond agents are readily available anytime you need us!

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Bail Bond Fundamentals

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When citizens are jailed and accused of a criminal activity, they linger behind bars for what seems like forever. For those who can not afford bail, the time lost in confinement can trigger significant problems at work, with household, and in criminal or deportation procedures. For this factor, the majority of people deal with bail bond companies to speed up payment and release from custody.
The factor the bail system is in location is since trials can frequently times be an extremely long procedure and the court systems enables those offenders who might be innocent and who are not a “air travel danger” – indicating they are not at danger for vanishing – to wait for their trial while continuing on with their day to day lives. It is more typical for bail to be thought about when the criminal activity is less severe than when the criminal activity is extremely severe.
Kinds of Bonds

State Bonds
Nebbia Hearings
Federal Bonds

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Tampa Bondsman Licensing Prerequisites

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